Meet: Sufey Chen

Name & Age? Sufey Chen, 22.

Where's home? mama earth. the beach. jungle huts. wood floors. everywhere and anywhere my heart arrives into.

What was/is your last/current trip? This year has been a delicious whirlwind for me! I'm packing up this month to teach a festival in Colorado, visit my beloved in Victoria, rock out a teacher training in Vancouver, a conference in Texas, then up to Prince George for another YTT. More in California, Saskatoon, Thailand, Mexico and Bali on the schedule too!

What got you started? I've been globetrotting since I was a wee babe. Growing up, my family moved every few years, so I learned very quickly how to love deeply, let go, and simply cherish the transient beauty of the present moment. When I turned fifteen, I moved out on my own, travelling and teaching in between my schooling... and I haven't stopped ever since!

How do you pay the way? I guide yoga teacher trainings and retreats, which allow me to live a simple and joyful life. I feel incredibly blessed to have studied with many masterful teachers who have mentored me, nurtured me and loved me into being... I share Yoga to honour the teachings that have been passed on to me.

What's always on your packing list?

  • a blank sketchbook + a super silky black pen
  • a wicked read (lately it's been a re-obsession with 'women who run with the wolves')
  • my ukelele + bowls + shruti (hey, you never know when you might need to burst into song!)
  • gypsy pants + bikini + a cute dress
  • business cards
  • essential oils
  • a smile

🎶🎸 = life. ___________________________________ Photo: @pearlloerke 🙏

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What’s the last thing that blew your mind? That we all share the same languages of laughter, song, dance, empathy, feeling. How kindness translates cross-culturally and how we can always communicate with Love.

By land, by sea, or by air? By land! I love, love, love to walk. Slowly and sensually, alone or with loved ones. Barefoot on beaches. Trekking through forests. Climbing up mountains. Sliding down mudslides.

Cruisin' in the big city. 😘

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Hotel or hostel? Camp or Couchsurf? Couchsurfing, hands down. I have met and hosted so many incredible people around the world... I love the intimacy of being in a new friend's home and genuinely receiving them in their humility, kindness and generosity.

Woke up to a million dolla view. #newhome

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What's your travel pet peeve? Wishing I could share the love exploding inside me with the whole entire world... but I know I am doing my very best.

How do people react to you as a solo female traveler? The first thing that came to mind were these two sweet little old ladies who saw me hitchhiking barefoot in Hawaii. They picked me up, drove me home, and insisted on buying me shoes! People are so incredibly generous, caring and kind. The Universe really takes care of me. Extraordinary people (angels) show up to guide me along the way every day...

What scares you? ... losing touch with Love. I vow never to forget what my dharma is, what it means to be truly alive, what I am born to be.

I AM learning to live with less and less of a mask of a trying to be anything other than fully me

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How do you overcome fear / anxiety / doubt? I favour the Love. It is always there... all the little voices are there. So I don't try to make them go away. I invite them all in, but then I favour the Love.

Worst memory: I honestly don't have a single memory that I can't look back at and laugh at myself, or feel a deep gratitude for. Every single experience of my life has taught me a lesson and guided me to where I am today.

One unforgettable memory: The first time I ever slept outside on the beach... seeing the unbelievable web of stars stretch across the sky, from ocean to palm trees, illuminating the fullest essence of God's beauty. Knowing that I would always be taken care of. Knowing that I could have absolutely nothing and, in that, still have absolutely everything.

Never be afraid to shine! ☀️

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Bravest memory: Quitting my job and moving to Hawaii with absolutely nothing to my name. Devoting myself to the study of Yoga. Giving up everything to follow my dreams... and then seeing my dreams come to life.

Culture shock moment: Every time I walk back into a room full of people who have suppressed their light. Who are trapped in the illusion of separation. Who unknowingly, by losing their connection to Love, harm themselves and others. It is painful to see, but I know it is temporary.

Best reason to talk to strangers: Because every single human being has a profoundly touching story. Because every person we meet IS our reflection. And their story, if we allow it to, can move us, inspire us, and expand us in glorious ways. It can teach us more about us. It can teach us more about what it means to be human.

How are you different while traveling? I am a traveller everywhere I go: curious, open, empty of knowing. I am home everywhere I go: trusting, vulnerable, and unconditionally loving.

Is it harder to leave or to stay put? Neither. I love being home. I love to explore. I listen to the call of Spirit.

Three things you've learned on the road:

  1. Love is everything. Love is the priority. Love solves all. Love unconditionally, and Love will return to you.
  2. Everyone is human and everyone is divine. Allow people the space to make mistakes. Allow yourself to still see them as Love.
  3. Everything is transient, impermanent, shifting. Only Love stays the same.

What keeps you going? All the humans who have given me their everything. Who have shown up for me when I couldn't show up for myself. For all the basic goodness in the world, I give my everything.

Oh my heart. There is so much beauty.

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What's next? Teaching, travelling, adventuring, expanding. Launching a whole new series of 500-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings this year. Serving as best as I can and nurturing my students. Loving the sh*t out of life.

What would you be doing if you’d never left home? Something extraordinary. It's all the same to me. I know the Universe would have guided me into my true inner path, no matter what the external factors of my journey looked like.

My first love. 💖

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What advice do you have for wanna-be Wild Hearts? Love yourself. Love the world. Have unshakable faith in the kindness of the Universe. Trust in the purest intentions of all. Never forget how goddamned bright you are. Never dim yourself to fit in. Instead, light up the whole world with your childlike joy... You are everything.

Last question: What would make you stop traveling? I may stop travelling outwards but I will never stop travelling within — every day, the outer world mirrors the insane beauty within my soul. There are layers and layers and layers still to strip off and unravel in me... let the adventure begin.

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