Meet: Aya Kristina Engel

Meet: Aya Kristina Engel

Name & Age? Aya Kristina Engel, age 27

Where's home? I have a home base in Vancouver — and I am learning to 'stay' (build a home and roots) but alas I am leaving again this weekend!

What was/is your last/current trip? I am leaving this Sunday. Flying to Finland to watch my boyfriend compete in a SnowKiting world cup. We will be snowshoeing, winter camping and kite skiing (I've never done this before and very excited to try!). Then driving south doing a large loop of northern Europe on a 'Acro Tour' going to 11 countries and teaching AcroYoga in 5 of them. Driving across; Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark an Sweden. Also in the middle of that road trip we will fly to Namibia (southern Africa) and do a 20 day trek across the desert, mountains, kitesurfing on the ocean and teach our own Acro Yoga retreat in Windhoek.

This trip is different for me because it is very well planned (with spreadsheets! haha). Where as in the past I've often just stuck my thumb out and went with the wind.