Meet: Elaine Ginger

Meet: Elaine Ginger

Name & Age? Elaine Ginger, 28

Where's home? Chicago, USA. This is my childhood home and where my parents still welcome me to stay when I am between places. I’m still figuring out where my adulthood home will be. Right now, it’s looking like the French Alps might become it.

What was/is your last/current trip? I came to the French Alps in July 2015 to fulfill my dream of traveling by bicycle and WWOOFing. (It’s starting to look like I’m staying permanently).

In July, I rode the Rhone River from Geneva to the Mediterranean and then circumnavigated Lake Geneva in August. This coming spring/summer I hope to complete the whole Rhone by riding from Geneva to the source of the river in the middle of Switzerland. My WWOOFing experience actually took me to the UK where I spent this last fall working on a couple of small organic farms. I LOVED it; I learned so so much!! I am spending these winter months skiing and planning an organic garden of my own to be started in the spring